Partners and Team

The EuroPLOT project partner institutions are:


Aalborg University (Denmark) hosts the Centre for Persuasive Design (hosting the Fifth International Conference on Persuasive Technology in 2010), is the originator of the EMDROS database and the 3ET tool. Aalborg University also provides target groups of teachers in archival work, language learning and environmental science.


DHI (Denmark) is an international consulting and research organisation and brings expertise in the development of technical guidance and courses for vocational training, including the application of e-learning resources and tools, and represents the target group on environmental science.

Hradec Kralove

The University of Hradec Králové (UHK) has led several European projects on learning objects, particularly on their creation and distribution through repositories (for example e-dilema), and is experienced in using e-learning in teaching business computing.


Danube University Krems has a large interest in Open Educational Repositories (OER), the development of e-learning taxonomies and learner-centred design approaches related to learning environments, and has significant experience of evaluating educational projects and expertise in learning design and pedagogic frameworks.

Leeds Met

Leeds Metropolitan University (LeedsMet) is the lead partner in this project and has expertise in developing learning objects (participation in 2 European projects), practical experience in Open Educational Repositories (OER) (institutional OER and repository projects), expertise in learning design patterns (led a national project), and in natural language processing and artificial intelligence applied to education (national project).

 London Met

London Metropolitan University (London Met) brings experience from the Learning Technology Research Institute with an international reputation in research on learning objects and learning design, and they are developers of GLOmaker, a generative learning object authoring tool.

Associate partner:


Individual Team Members:

Leeds Metropolitan University

Professor Reinhold Behringer

In August 2011, Reinhold has followed Janet Finlay as Project Director of the EuroPLOT project. He is a Professor of Creative Technology at Leeds Met, and his research interest is Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) technology. For more than 20 years he has been working in the development of system prototypes for HCI applications, and his experience includes robotics, computer vision, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, ubiquitous computing.


Dr. Elizabeth Guest

Elizabeth Guest is a Reader in the Faculty of Arts, Environment and Technology at Leeds Metropolitan University. She obtained her PhD at Edinburgh University in 1995 in the area of Image Processing. The methods she developed as part of this PhD are still state of the art. Past funded projects include signal processing for identifying concealed weapons or explosives without having to search them (funded by EPSRC - EP/D079195/1), automatic marking of short free text answers (part funded by HEA). She has invented solutions for non-linear image registration, 3D surface matching, finding robust correspondences on 2D and 3D images, a method for parsing sentences for languages with varying degrees of word order flexibility, a new framework for semantics, and a new method for identifying keywords in text. Elizabeth has become very adept at inter-disciplinary research and is good at seeing connections across disciplines. She is also a member of the EPSRC consortium (EP/I005986/1) working on the problem of integrating numerical and textual data in order to provide context. 

Meg Soosay

Meg is a university teaching fellow and Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) team member. Apart from lecturing in Interaction Design and Database Design, she trains colleagues in applying TEL for their teaching. She has a passion for preparing and disseminating creative methods for assessment, learning and teaching, to enable students to operate seamlessly between environments as they become more independent learners. She has worked on a number of JISC and EU-funded projects, the current ones being PC3 and EuroPlot. 

Georgi Sinclair

Georgi has worked at Leeds Met for over 6 years, and prior to that worked in the private sector in event management, organising events for clients such as Reebok and Halifax Building Society. Georgi is a qualified Project Manager with membership of the APM and has worked on a number of projects. She will oversee the management of this project and have input in WP's 1 and 2.

Aalborg University

Sandra Burri Gram Hansen

Sandra is a Scientific Assistant at Aalborg University’s Center for Computer Mediated Epistemology. She has a MSc Information Science and Information Architecture and graduated Cum Laude from the Elite study in Persuasive Design at AAU in 2010. Her previous research has involved exploring possibilities and limitations within the cross field between Persuasive Design and Everyware, and the notion of applying persuasive design principles to pervasive and ubiquitous computer technologies, in order to improve the developers’ ability to incorporate the rhetorical notion Kairos when creating persuasive technologies. Current work is concentrated on exploring the cross field between persuasion and didactics and defining the concept of persuasive learning designs. Future work intends to focus on ways to enhance persuasive learning experiences by applying persuasive learning designs to context aware and location based technologies.

Nicolai Winther-Nielsen 

Nicolai is Associate Professor of Theology and External Associate Professor of Persuasive Design. He brings expertise in applied linguistics for language learning from databases, and is working within Role and Reference Grammar and learning technology for a database of the Hebrew Bible. He has been involved in coordination and development of several tools for language learning, including the 3ET training tool and the Role-Lexical Module which will be developed further in the project. He participates in the project Data and Tradition funded by the Dutch Scientific Organization, and he is involved in an international consultation on Bible software. He is webmaster of several Moodle installations. He will lead WP 5 and will develop language learning from texts in WP 6.

Claus Tøndering

Claus Tøndering has an MSc degree in computer science from the Technical University of Denmark. He has more than 30 years' experience in software development, primarily in the areas of operating systems and network programming. Since 2008 he has been the owner of Ezer IT Consulting. He has developed 3ET, a tool that uses morphological information in a corpus database to generate automatic quiz questions for students of a language. Claus Tøndering has described the 3ET program in an article in HIPHIL, a peer-reviewed academic e-journal on the Hebrew Bible.

London Metropolitan University

Carl Smith

Carl Smith is the director of the Learning Technology Research Institute (LTRI) where he also works as a senior research fellow. He is an academic expert and developer with a long-standing focus on pervasive learning technologies, augmented reality and mobile learning. His background is in Computer Science and Architecture. He has worked on a number of large scale FP7 and Leonardo Life Long Learning European projects. He specialises in using various visualization techniques to produce augmented spaces for the generation and transformation of learning. His primary research involves the investigation of these augmented forms of learning from the point of view of their units of construction - to see across the whole range of constituent parts, schemas and key narratives involved in their successful development and application. He has previously worked at the Humanities Computing departments at Glasgow and Sheffield University. The LTRI conducts research into the application of information and communication technologies to augment, support and transform learning. Further Information is at:


Danube University Krems

Professor Peter Baumgartner

Peter is Full Professor for Technology Enhanced Learning and Multimedia and Dean of the Faculty of Education and Media at Danube University Krems (DUK). He is also Head of the Department for Interactive Media and Educational Technology. Since 1992 Peter Baumgartner has focused his research work on learning theory, E-Learning scenarios and blended learning arrangements, distance education, didactics and teacher training, strategies for the organisational implementation of E-Learning and evaluation methodology. During this time he has published 8 books and over 120 articles.

Erich Herber

Erich is a researcher at the Educational Technology Research Centre at DUK. His research focuses on ICT in School and Further Education as well as on Educational Governance which is also the main focus of his dissertation project. He has managed various research, evaluation, consulting and implementation projects within Europe and worked as a consultant and EU project manager in the area of IT, adult education and E-Learning in the private business sector.   

Sabine Zauchner

Sabine Zauchner Sabine is Head of the Educational Technology Research Centre as well as chair of the Committee for Equality Issues at DUK. Her research focuses on participatory/gender sensitive technology design and on gender issues related to ICT and E-Learning. She worked as a research assistant at the University of Vienna; trainer and HR assistant at IT enterprises and adult education institutions, was course director of various master courses at DUK and worked in several European and national research projects on acquisition, coordination and collaboration



Margarethe Winther-Nielsen

Margrethe is Head of Innovation for the market area Product Safety and Environment at DHI and for the Department of Environment and Toxicology at DHI Denmark. Margrethe brings expertise within vocational training including application of e-learning resources in the area of environmental hazard and risk assessment of chemical substances and mixtures. Her expertise is based on more than 15 years of R & D projects and consultancy within this area. Among other things this implies coordination of projects and development of technical guidance to the new EU chemical regulation REACH funded by the EU Commission and IT tools for consolidation of exposure scenarios for chemical substances. Margrethe has more than 50 publications. She will lead the development of a learning resource to train in making exposure scenarios for chemical mixtures related to the REACH in WP6.

University Hradec Králové

Jaroslava Mikulecká

Jaroslava received her Diploma Degree as well as Ph.D. degree in mathematics at the Komensky University in Bratislava (Slovakia). In 1998 she became Associated Prof. in Information Technology. Her fields of expertise are knowledge-based and database systems and technologies, e-learning, knowledge management, virtual organizations. About 80 publications in the mentioned areas. Coordinator of several EU projects. The most relevant to the field being covered in EuroPLOT was project No 90683-CP-1-2001-1- CZ-MINERVA-M: E-resources and Distance Learning Management (eDILEMA) in which the main goal was to support university teachers and students in their e-learning activities and the main outcome was the implementation of digital library of learning objects DILLEO.

University of Gothenburg (Associate Partner)

Nava Bergman

Nava Bergman, lecturer at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, is a native speaker of Hebrew and has taught Modern and Biblical Hebrew since 1989. In 1999 she was awarded the individual pedagogical prize at her university for her distinguished pedagogical material in Biblical Hebrew which has been published in Sweden in 2000 (Studentlitteratur). She is also the author of The Cambridge Biblical Hebrew Workbook, which is the first volume of her comprehensive Biblical Hebrew study-kit. In 2007–2008 Bergman has developed a net-based course in Biblical Hebrew for beginners in Swedish. For her current project to re-purpose the EuroPLOT, see

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