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WP6: PLOT creation and deployment with learners


This WP will demonstrate that the two EuroPLOT tools, PLOTMaker and PLOTLearner, enable PLOTs to be developed and reused trans-sectorally and transnationally and that the tools can be applied in different subject areas. Four subject areas will be included, two for each tool. For each area, a PLOT resource is created and then repurposed for use in a different learning context. The four subject areas are:

1. Archival work (trans-sector reuse). P2 will use PLOTLearner to develop resources for problem-based learning for tertiary learners at P2 around the Kaj Munk archive and will work with the Kaj Munk Research Center and the Kaj Munk Museum to repurpose it as learning resources about Kaj Munk for adult learners and school children at the Kaj Munk Museum in Vedersø.

2. Language learning (transnational reuse).  P2 will use PLOTLearner to develop resources to teach Hebrew based on language corpus to tertiary level vocational learners at Copenhagen Lutheran School of Theology and online students. These will be reused for teaching Hebrew to tertiary students at the Graduate School of Lutheran Theology in Madagascar and repurposed by Gothenburg University.

3. Environment (trans-sector reuse).  P4 will use PLOTMaker to develop resources for training vocational learners to understand regulations for exposure scenarios for chemical handling which will then be repurposed at P2 for teaching tertiary students. 

4. Business computing (transnational reuse).  P1 and P3 will each use PLOTMaker to develop a resource collection for teaching tertiary students in computing (P1: user interface design for accessibility; P3: business intelligence) and will then take and repurpose each other's for their own context.

This will result in four learning resources created using PLOTLearner and four using PLOTMaker (two versions of each). The persuasiveness of these and the efficacy of the creation process will be evaluated in WP7.

Recent announcements

  • Workpackage 6 runs from November 2011 to June 2013.


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