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WP5: PLOTLearner Development


This work package will produce a web application, PLOTLearner, to enable non-technical instructors (e.g. coaches and teachers) as well as learners to engage in problem-based online and collaborative learning by using new persuasive learning technology based on annotated texts.  This application will include the strengths from the Ezer Emdros-based Exercise Tool (3ET) which is a tool developed for language learning from texts annotated in an Emdros database. The project will develop its learning potential in work on an ancient language corpus (Biblical Hebrew), and a modern archive (the Kaj Munk corpus of Aalborg University – see http://www.kajmunk.hum.aau.dk/en/). It will also exploit new data from the project “Bridging Data and Tradition. The Hebrew Bible as a linguistic corpus and as a literary composition”, which is funded by the Dutch NWO 2010-2014, and cooperate with this project to develop learning tools.

The 3ET has already given promising results in the initial tests of learning outcomes. It supports export in XML format for use in Learning Management Systems.  PLOTLearner will improve on 3ET by extending the persuasive elements using the framework developed in WP3. PLOTLearner will need to support the ability to load an Emdros database created for a learning project, to allow it to be utilised in new contexts. There must be choices to select text adaption features presented in an easy-to-use form.

PLOTLearner will be developed as a series of prototypes, which will be reviewed by a consultation group from the consortium, so that it takes account of user needs. Each prototype will incorporate the exercise functions available in 3ET, and progressively enhance this functionality to meet the requirements from WP3. After testing in WP6 we will deliver a fully functional, user friendly learner tool for PLOTs, together with documentation and user guides to support teachers to use the application.

Recent announcements

  • Workpackage 5 runs from May 2011 to April 2013.


 Deliverable Date due
Date completed
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 5.1PLOTLearner v.1
 5.2PLOTLearner v.2 30.04.12  
 5.3PLOTLearner v.3 32.03.13  
 5.4PLOTLearner user guides and support 30.04.13