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WP4: PLOTMaker Development


This WP will produce a tool, PLOTmaker, to enable non-technical authors to produce new persuasive learning objects or adapt existing objects to suit local needs or preferences. The tool will extend the GLOmaker  2 authoring tool. GLOmaker 2 incorporates the ‘Planner’ where learning designs are explicitly represented and the ‘Designer’ where the designs are realised as working multimedia learning objects. The output of the tool is captured as a learning object ‘package’ that contains al that is needed to run or adapt the learning objects. The authoring tool is free and opens sourced.

Persuasive designs will be captured and represented in the tool’s Planner. The planner screen uses a graphical representation with a drag and drop function for developing and adapting learning designs. Executable learning designs are produced by linking these pedagogical designs to visual ‘stages’ that enable navigation through default screen layouts (templates). The stages and components will be extended to meet the requirements of the project.

Development of the tool must be shaped by user needs. In particular, the tool must have the authoring facilities required to capture and manipulate persuasive learning designs. The authoring functionality must be presented in an easy to use form. The PLOTmaker will be developed as a series of prototypes. Each will incorporate the authoring requirements derived form WP3 and be reviewed by a consultation group with user representatives from each partner. This will culminate in a fully functional, user friendly authoring tool for PLOTs.

Recent announcements

  • Workpackage 4 runs from May 2011 to April 2013.


 Deliverable Date due
Date completed
Link to Deliverable
4.1PLOTMaker v.131.12.11

4.2PLOTMaker v.2 31.07.12  
4.3PLOTMaker v.331.03.13  
4.4.PLOTMaker User Guides and support30.4.13