On this page, EuroPLOT makes available to the public the resources that have been created in this project. These are primarily learning resources, tools and documentation produced by the project.

Academic publications and the webinar recordings are available on other pages on this site.


PLOTMaker has been developed by London Metropolitan University based on the GLOMaker tool. It allows to create learning objects, following established practise and enabling the conscious use of persuasive design elements.

The most recent version of PLOTMaker can be downloaded here. Other versions of GLOMaker are available on the official GLOMaker site

The PLOTMaker tool requires Adobe Air. This link leads to an Adobe Air version from 9.December 2013. Other Adobe Air version are available on the official Adobe Air website.

For playing GLOs (created with GLOMaker and PLOTMaker) on Android, please download the mobile GLO player


PLOTLearner is the tool that has been developed by Aalborg University for language learning. It is based on the EMDROS database which allows access to an annotated large textual corpus. 

The official PLOTLearner website is at  In the download section of that site you can find the PLOTLearner executable, the source code, and an learning object for the Hebrew Bible.

Persuasive Learning Objects from the Case Studies
Here are all the learning objects which have been developed during the EuroPLOT project in various case studies. An overview document of these is available as a Word file

Kaj Munk Museum:

These sets of PLOTs were developed for the Kaj Munk Museum. Set #1 depicts various locations of the museum.

 #1Exploring the Kaj Munk Museum The courtyard
 The main room
 Outside 1
 Outside 2
 Outside 3
 Room 1
 Room 2
 Sandra Burri Gram-Hansen (Aalborg University) download
 #2Mobile PLOTs (in Danish only) Flagstangen
 QR koder
 #3Traditional PLOTs (in Danish only)World War 2
As a Poet Priest
Poet, Priest, and Resistance Fighter
Role in the Danish Resistance

Language Learning - The Hebrew Bible:

Persuasive Hebrew Bible Learning Course

Chemical Substance Handling:

These learning objects have been developed by DHI for teaching about safe handling of chemicals and proper actions in exposure scenarios. They can be downloaded as ZIP files, and their contents need to be extracted and can be run either locally or be placed onto a web server. The GLO source code is included for each learning object. 

 #1What is an exposure scenario?  Margrethe Winther-Nielsen (DHI) download
 #2Use descriptor system Margrethe Winther-Nielsen (DHI) download
 #3Exposure scenario content Margrethe Winther-Nielsen (DHI) download
 #4Use covered by exposure scenario? Margrethe Winther-Nielsen (DHI) download
 #5Scaling Margrethe Winther-Nielsen (DHI) download
 #6Communication Strategy Margrethe Winther-Nielsen (DHI) download
 #7ICR method Margrethe Winther-Nielsen (DHI) download
 #8DPD+ method Margrethe Winther-Nielsen (DHI) download

Business Computing:

These learning objects are for teaching academic business computing, in particular SQL. They can be downloaded as ZIP files, and their contents need to be extracted and can be either run locally or be placed onto a web server. The GLO source code is included for each of the learning objects.

Entity Relationship Modelling (ERM/ERD)
Normal Forms
The Normalisation Process
Mekala Soosay (LeedsMet) download
 #4Queries which join tablesJaroslava Mikulecka (UHK)
 #5Queries with recursive joinsJaroslava Mikulecka (UHK) download
 #6Queries with outer joins Jaroslava Mikulecka (UHK) download
 #7Sub-queries Jaroslava Mikulecka (UHK) download
 #8Grouping dataJaroslava Mikulecka (UHK) download
 #9ViewsJaroslava Mikulecka (UHK) download

Other Relevant Public Documents and Resources

Deliverable #Title Date  Access
 D1.2Interim Progress Report April 2012 view / download
 D1.3Final Project Report December 2013  view / download
 D2.2This website2010-2013 
 D2.3Webinar series 2010-2013 
 D2.4Publications 2010-2013 
 D2.5This resource base 2010-2013 
 D2.6Conference IWEPLET 2013 16.-17.9.2013  
 D3.3Sandra Burri Gram-Hansen: Persuasive Learning Design FrameworkApril 2012view / download 
 D6.2EuroPLOT Resource Collection - DocumentationOctober 2013view / download
 D7.3Erich Herber: Final Evaluation Report December 2013view / download