Learning objects and technologies are currently limited in their adaptability and how far they support active engagement from the learner. The EuroPLOT project will develop a pedagogical framework for active engagement, based on persuasive design, and will demonstrate its value by creating authoring tools for, and exemplars of, persuasive learning objects and technologies (PLOTs) that are easy to create and adapt. 

The framework will incorporate persuasive design principles for designing technologies that change behaviour or attitude, for example, by using fun, simulation, competition, cooperation or peer influence. It will be described as persuasive learning design patterns that encapsulate particular learning activities and sequences associated with these persuasive principles.

We will incorporate these persuasive learning design patterns into two new applications, PLOTMaker and PLOTLearner, to allow teachers to create and adapt e-learning resources that embed persuasive learning principles. PLOTMaker will extend the GLOMaker authoring tool by adding persuasive learning patterns and new components and activities. PLOTLearner will be based on the 3ET tool that generates e-learning activities from text databases.

We will use these tools to create and then re-purpose learning resources in four subject areas: archival studies, language learning, environmental science and business computing, and for both vocational and tertiary education.  We will evaluate the efficacy of the authoring tools as well as the impact of the persuasive learning elements on learner engagement.

The long term impact of the project will be to generate more effective learning resources and to give teachers the tools necessary to both create new and adapt existing learning resources to suit their needs. This will improve the quality of learning resources available for sharing as open educational resources (OER) across Europe.